Nouveaux profils Leica M8 2.004

Voici 2 nouveaux profils Leica M8 pour Photoshop et Lighroom 2. J’ai construit ces profils avec une mire Gretagmacbeth Colorchecker et le logiciel Adobe DNG Profile Editor : M8 Colorchecker Les 2 fichiers .dcp sont à copier sur mac dans le répertoire : ~/”user”/library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles

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M8 DNG Lightroom red color correction

Using mainly Lightroom for organizing and postprocessing digital images I could realize how wrong Lightroom is with red tones. After twickling color hue, saturation and luminance cursors I could get much more realistic results. Here is the comparison snapshot from lightroom. The picture was taken with a WATE, no UV-IR filter, Lens detection M8 option […]

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