Leica M + Canon EF 300mm 1:2.8 L IS II USM


This could seem strange to mount such a beast of a lens on the new Leica M, but results are amazing and better compared to a Canon camera. Only problem is that you have no IS and no AF, and it becomes a challenge to focus right and not shake. But for landscape photography this is absolutely OK. You actually profit a lot from Leica sensor with NO antialiasing filter. New long lens photo quality level is now reachable for landscape photographers.

The following photo was taken at night with lens aperture fully opened at f2.8 and camera set at ISO 800. Raw photo converted to jpeg in LR4.4. No correction except exposure compensation for photos to look equally exposed.

The first thing you will see is a real increase of details in Leica M picture. Colors are also more natural, less “synthetic” than Canon.