Viseur WATE, peu précis mais corrigé !

Wate Viewfinder

New tri-elmar comes with a new zoom viewfinder. After only a few pictures you will realize that it is not a model of precision : frame is strongly shifted to the right and less strongly to the bottom. Spirit level is also very wrong, you can easily check this with your tripod’s spirit level (if it has one). Conclusion : not at usual Leica precision standards, maybe not made by Leica, but for Leica…

This makes this viewfinder useless for precise shoot and especially with the wide angles focals, as the lightest imprecision in alignements make lines, hmmm NOT aligned. Only solution is to take the picture and check the result on the LCD, very annoying…I could open rather easily this viewfinder to see what’s inside. Surprise : the only metal is the body, all the rest is plastic in there except lenses of course. Pieces glued poorly, I could also find glue on one of the surface of a lens, which makes me think it was quickly and poorly made. It is possible to adjust the height of the frames, but unfortunately it is not possible to adjust them to the left or right directions. Bad design, poorly manufactured. I am surprised… especially when you know the price at which this thing is sold (maybe just because it is written Leica and mande in Germany on it 😉 ) FIX :I had to fix height of shoe attachement with a piece of wire and rotate the shoe counterclockwise. Now it becomes pretty usable. To sum up I think that plastic inner parts to hold all optical and frame parts are not relevant for a precise adjustement needed here, we need here a “rangefinder precision scale” to get the precision expected : bad point to you Leica on this one.