HP Photosmart Pro B9180, Lightroom and Mac Leopard

Bad news : I had to remake all my HP printer profiles after switching from Tiger to Leopard. The prints where too light and off the way they looked when printed with Lightroom under Tiger.

HP launched a new revision of the printer driver on 22.12.2007 which could give better results. Anyway I did reprofile the printer using Colorvision PrintFix Pro. The results are now similar to the one I had before, but with different profiles.The printing config I use with Lightroom is to leave ColorManagement to LR with selection of the right selfmade profile with PrintFix Pro. I use Hahnemuhle PhotoRag or FineArt Pearl and PhotoRag Bright White papers. The paper selection is very important to build profiles. To do this I create a personnalized paper in HP printer utility and link it to the selfmade profile :

Paper selection

Lightroom print config: Profile selection according to chosen paper for the print. Color Managment will be done by Lightroom.

LR print config

Printer driver config:Paper selection – A custom paper has been introduced with HP printer Utility.

Printer Dialog Paper

Normaly, you don’t have (and can’t) select colorsync options like “Application Managed Colors”, as it is automatically adjusted by LightRoom. You Shouldn’d be able to see the followingscreen capture which was made actually with the text editor software.

Printer App Color Management