M8 DNG Lightroom versus Capture One 4 comparison

Here is a comparison between new CaptureOne version 4 and Lightroom 1.3.1 for M8 DNG file digital development. All pictures were taken with or without UV-IR filter, each time choosing the corresponding profile in C1.

Comparison pictures here after show LR on left side and C1 on right side.

A) First thing you remark is that C1 sharpening default is much stronger than LR. Problem of C1 is a tendancy to oversharpen making artefacts and aliasing sometime appear, a check is recommended. But details are stronger in landscape pictures with C1 with a better texture rendition.

sharpening before adjustment

Sharpening before

sharpening after adjustment

Sharpening after

landscape sharpen

Landscape sharpen

B) Color rendition is quite different with default parameters- General brightness is lower with C1brightness

Brightness compared

– Green is rendered very differently on a Non IR filter picture (didn’t test with IR filter), best match being LR for indoor picture and C1 for tree/nature picture.Green tree

Green tree

– Red is much better in C1 than in LR on a Non IR filter picture (didn’t test with IR filter)Red before adjustment

Red before

Red after adjustment

Red after

C) Chromatic aberation is not corrected with LR, but corrected with C1before CA correction

Before CA

after CA correction

After CA

D) Black and White pictures are very detailed with C1 (use of the B and W effects profile)BW detail

BW detail

BW detail with LR sharpened

BW detail with LR sharpened

CONCLUSION : LR is the best software when talking about picture management. But C1 4 gives extra details and I realize that it produces even better pictures from your Leica M8 DNG files. Just be carefull with aliasing and artefacts that C1 strong sharpening method could sometime produce.I am making new calibration profiles which takes into account the new 1.110 firmware. Will publish results later.