Aperture Lightroom Leica M8 Raw File Comparison

Here is a comparison between Aperture 1.5.4 and Lightroom 1.1 about the development in JPEG of a Leica M8 Raw File (FW 1.107) – made with a PowerMac G5.

My preference goes to Lightroom which I find more subtle, less harsh in contrast and sharpness treatment, with more realistic colors. But this is just a matter of personal taste. It depends on a lot of things, and eachone has its own preferences in terms of image capture, rendition and workflow.

All Aperture and Lightroom development parameters were set to their default values.
The JPEG was generated with highest quality (Q12 in Aperture, 100% in Lightroom) and Adobe RGB profile.

File sizes :

  • RAW file = 10.10 Mb
  • Aperture jpeg = 9.2 Mb 2622×3904 (actually some pixels are missing on the borders of the image, strange)
  • Lightroom jpeg = 6.4 Mb 2634*3916
  • Capture One LE jpeg = 6.2 Mb 2634×3916

Comparison is made under PS CS3.
The picture was taken with a Tri-Elmar 1:4/16-18-21 at 16mm, without any filter, at ISO 160, 1/1500, f4

Full picture – General color rendition

Detail 1 : Lightroom is more subtle in the low contrast, with a better separation of tones.


Detail 2 : the real situation red is the one from Lighroom. Aperture red is too dark.



Detail 3 : A lot of contrast for Aperture in the chains, but a better contrast for Lightroom in the back of the green chair which transmits in a better way the real situation warm sun light.



Detail 4 : Aperture darkens the shape of the red bulbs





Capture One LE small comparison : C1 image is very dark by default with a lot of saturation. Not very realistic.



Here is the picture developed in Lightroom with my own preferences