Epson V700 Scanner

V700 is the very new scanner from epson with highest level of scanning aptitudes for a flatbed scanner.Here is an example of 6×6 dias scan made with V700.

Aperture file becomes the master image on which all adjustments will be made using very efficient Aperture’s version management.

Seeing the results I must admit that I will use again Hasselblad + Provia 100F or Velvia 100F + Scan. Results are superb, very fine dia details are wonderfuly rendered by the scanner.

Resulting image is 7000 x 7100 pixels “equivalent” to a virtual 49.7 Mpixels digital back.

(Made with Apple PowerMac G5 Dualcore 2GHz)
Scan Workflow :

A) Epson Scan
1. Film Guide option + film height adjusters on 3.5mm
2. Large margins
3. Adobe RGB Colorsync setting
4. Autoexposure
5. No sharpening 3200 dpi scan
6. Full 48 bits + Tiff output

B) Photoshop Postprocessing
7. Adobe RGB Profile Assignment
8. Crop
9. 48 to 24bits conversion
10. JPEG save as with level 11/12

C) Apple Aperture storage
11. Jpeg file Import in Aperture
12. Tiff + Jpeg files destruction



Hasselblad 202FA + FE 2.8/150 + Provia 100F


Crop 1

hasselblad detail 1

Detail 1, no unsharpmasking :

Hasselblad crop 1


Detail 1, with unsharpmasking (LightRoom +50):

Hasselblad crop1 sharp


Crop 2

Hasselblad Detail 2

Detail 2, no unsharpmasking :

Hasselblad detail 2 crop


Detail 2, with unsharpmasking (LightRoom +50) :

Hasselblad detail 2 crop unsharp


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  1. Quelle nettete, c’est remarquable.
    Cela donne envie de se replonger a fond dans la photo avec Hasselblad/argentique avec cette possibilite de scanner.


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